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                                                                                                   Stop!                                                                                                 Stop!

 The Violence


Youth Gangs Are Making Their Way


On any given day in this country, young sentries poised for combat stand guard on scattered street corners throughout the city. They all belong to armies, but not the same ones, and a skirmish may erupt among them at any time. Three or four soldiers may attack members of another gang because of disputed territorial "rights" , and a passerby could be an unintended victim of violence that often occurs between soldiers of various gangs. 


These youth gangs. formaly only a New York or L. A. problem. have become an increasing danger for citizens throughout the state, with recruitment becoming more attractive to our youths that are lured by money made through such crimes as burglary and drug dealing. Some gang members generate enough money to buy expensive cars, clothing and jewelry -- trappings that can easily influence non-members. Fear is often cited as a reason some youth join gangs.


When we look at our senior citizens being brutalized, robbed and even rapped, our young people involved in gangs and on drugs we must realize that we are either part of the problem or part of the solution.


We have to steer our young people away from gangs showing teenage participants there's more to life than money, cars, drugs and street- toughness.


COPA(christian outreach planning associates) has launched a program to facilitate and educate our youth in clinics, churches and homes which includes work programs, retreats, recreational activites and counseling.


Come and let your voices be heard as we're "takin it to the streets" to confront this madness. Call today!


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