Competition Fees-

Registrations and payments are due 2 weeks before contest. As a courtesy to other teams who expect a schedule out promtply, it is imperative that you register early and inform us of schedule conflicts with your team when you register.

CONTEST PAYMENT POLICY: It is now necessary for us to receive your contest payments 2 weeks before contest in order to be included on the schedule. School checks sent to the office must not be post-dated and should be able to clear the bank. Payments can also be made by credit card using links provided below. No personal checks are accepted.

2016-2017 Regional Competitions
Entry Fees:

$255Team Routines

$300Show Production Routines

$225Officer Routines

$205Large Ensembles (9+ dancers)

$185Small Ensembles (4-8 dancers)

$165Duets & Trios

$95Solo Performances


Classic Competitions
2016 Brazoswood Holiday Classic
2017 Houston Classic
2017 Ohio Classic

2017 Rio Grande Classic

$195Team Routines

$195Show Production Routines

$ 125Officer Routines

$ 125Large Ensembles (9+ dancers)

$ 110Small Ensembles (4-8 dancers)

$ 105Duets & Trios

$ 75Solo Performances


2017 Texas All-Star State Dance Championships

$255Team Routines

$300Show Production Routines

$225Officer Routines - Championship jackets awarded

$205Large Ensembles (9+ dancers)- Championship jackets awarded

$185Small Ensembles (4-8 dancers)- Championship jackets awarded

$165Duets & Trios- Championship jackets awarded

$ 95Solo Performances- Championship jackets awarded

2017 National Competition
Entry Fees:


$350Team Routines

$335Show Production Routines

$270Officer Routines

$225Large Ensembles (9+ dancers)

$190Small Ensembles (4-8 dancers)

$170Duets & Trios

$105Solo Performances

Discounts available at Nationals

This season, all regional contests & national contest fees paid in full by December 1, 2016 will automatically receive a 10% discount. Teams competing at Nationals whose entry fees exceed $5000 may be eligible for additional discounts. Contact the MA office for additional information.

2017 USASF Dance Worlds Bid Competition
Entry Fees:


$150Per Dancer for One or Two Routines

$250Per Dancer for Three Routines

$350Per Dancer for Four Routines

Teams also entering our MA Nationals team routines will not be charged again for any of the dances performed at The Dance Worlds Bid Event. Only USASF members are eligible to compete for bids to Dance Worlds.




Registration will be open Tuesday, October 18, 2016.  We are very excited to present our new streamlined online registration system.  We’re sorry it’s taken a little longer to open registration, we are working out the last few quirks.  We look forward to seeing you this contest season!

... since this is a new system
you will need to create a new account for your School/Studio.

Register for Competition Online

New system- Please register as a new School/Studio when using our new registration system for the first time this season. 

Temporarily, while our registration system is completed, please email your solo and ensemble names and ages as of 8/31/16 to us at Be sure to indicate which contest and which team those participants match. We are working diligently to have the entire system completed so that your contest experience will be a smooth one.


  • To pay your balance online via credit card, go to our Quick Pay option. Be sure to indicate which school account this payment corresponds to and the performers name. Online Quick Pay does not send you an email confirmation of payment because payments are processed in our office the next business day. Receipts are only emailed to the school contact for the account, not to individual participants. All contest fees must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to contest in order to be included.


Here is a great chance to save money which will benefit your students and budget significantly.  This season, all regional contest fees paid in full by December 1, 2016 will automatically receive a 10% discount.  Any routines (team, officer, ensemble or solo) that you list on your registration and pay for in full by this date will qualify for this bonus.  Routines added or changed after this time will be charged the regular registration fee.  This offer applies only to Regional Contests.   Classic contest entry fees for our Brazoswood, Westerville, South Houston Classic, and Rio Grande Classic competitions have already been discounted and a further 10% discount will not apply.