The Commercial booth space category is for all exhibitors that are not Food Vendors and do not meet the strict guidelines for a hand crafted Artisan booth space. All items offered for sale in the “Artisan” category must be original artistic creations and be created, produced, and sold by the artist. The artist is required to be at the event to sell her/his art.

JYF is a community celebration of cultural HERITAGE. Commercial booth spaces are for businesses, community organizations, and individuals who wish to vend artistic products or services to the general public. There is limited space for exhibitors and our goal is to achieve a balance and diversity of various types of programs, services, and products that have broad appeal to the greater community.

To help us avoid bunching similar vendors close to one another or offering too many of the same products, please answer the questions below as completely as possible.

·         Important Note: Early Bird DISCOUNT pricing is in effect until March 30. Save $50 by applying for your space by March 30 AND paying your Booth Space Fees on or before April 15. This discount is provided as an incentive to pay your vendor fees early. You will lose the discount if you do not pay your fees in full by April15.

  • Commercial Booth Space *

    10' x 10' COMMERCIAL BOOTH SPACE - $400

  • Early Bird Discount

    Early Bird Discount - $50 OFF

Save $50 on your Commercial Booth Space. By checking this box you agree to pay your JYF invoice on or before April 15. On April 16, ALL unpaid invoices will be reissued without the Early Bird Discount.

  • In Addition to my Booth Space, please provide me with the items checked below:

    Commercial - Additional 10' x 10' adjacent space - $200 Commercial Corner Booth Space - $200

> Additional 10' x 10' space: This is how you request an additional 10' x 10' space to make your booth space 10' x 20'

> Corner Booth Space: Corner spaces are defined as booths at the end of a vendor row with at least 15' of empty space before the next vendor booth row. It gives you 2 sides to sell from. It does NOT give you more space to spread out. If you want more space, please request the 10' x 10' adjacent space

·         Are you primarily offering Products or Services? Choose One from the drop down list below.

  • Products or Services *

  • Products - Check all that apply *

    Jewelry Men's Clothing Women's Clothing T-shirts / Screen Printed Apparel Hats Bath / Body Products Toys / Games Art / Sculpture / Crafts Other

  • What products will you be selling?
    Please check all that apply.

  • Describe your Products *


  • Primary Product Line *

  • Choose OneJewelryWomen's ClothingMen's ClothingT-shirts / Screen-Printed ApparelHatsBath / Body ProductsToys / GamesArt / Sculpture / CraftsOther (Desciption provided above)

    If You checked Other and/or Art/Sculpture/Crafts, please provide a detailed description of your products.


    From the list of products, please tell us which one you consider to be your primary product. We use this information to avoid too much duplication of product offerings and to keep from placing similar products next to each other.


    Do you need a canopy? Or Tables and Chairs?

    If you would like JYF to rent equipment for you from our suppliers, please use the space below to order rental equipment through us.

  • 6' Tables (30" x 72") *

    I do not want to rent any 6' Tables One (1) 6' Table Two (2) 6' Tables Three (3) 6' Tables Four (4) 6' Tables Other Maximum Allowed: 250 characters.    

  • If you want more than 4 tables, please click OTHER and enter the number that you would like to request.

  • 8' Tables (30" x 96") *

    I do not want to rent any 8' Tables One (1) 8' Table Two (2) 8' Tables Three (3) 8' Tables Four (4) 8' Tables Other Maximum Allowed: 250 characters.   

  • If you want more than 4 tables, please click OTHER and enter the number that you would like to request.

  • Plastic Folding Chairs *

    I do not want to rent any Chairs One (1) Chair Two (2) Chairs Three (3) Chairs Four (4) Chairs Five (5) Chairs Six (6) Chairs Seven (7) Chairs Eight (8) Chairs Other Maximum Allowed: 250 characters.   

  • If you want more than 8 chairs, please click OTHER and enter the number that you would like to request.

  • 10' x 10' Canopy *

    I do not want to rent a Canopy 10 x 10 Canopy with a tent wall on the back side 10 x 10 canopy with no walls 10 x 20 canopy with a tent wall on the back side 10 x 20 canopy with no walls

  • Electricity *

    Please provide me with Electricity - $100 for the first 15 amp/110 Volt circuit (Additional fees negotiated if you need more power) NO Generators I own a QUIET generator and I would like permission to bring it I do not need electricity in my booth

  • Access to Electricity is very limited. Generally we do not allow participants to bring generators because they can cause conflicts with others regarding noise and air pollution. If you NEED electricity to operate your booth, please indicate that now so that we can assign you a booth space that is within 100' of one of our electrical sources. We may not be able to accommodate late requests for electricity.

    If you own a QUIET generator that you regularly use at Special Events, we will consider allowing you to use it at this event

    You can request a 10x10 or a 10x20 here. Your rental canopy can come equipped with a back wall for an extra $1 per linear foot, or no walls. We do not supply side walls.

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