We are delighted to invite you to take part in this historic occasion, as we continue with the mission of Economic Empowerment by presenting a day of unity and prosperity, wrapped with the hope of a future that will see despair replaced by desire.

The Christian Outreach Planning Associates (COPA) will host “Come Grow with Us” to bring forward a new world of opportunity for everyone -especially our young people throughout the Bay Area.

For this year’s event, we plan to help young people become an integral part of their community through education, training and job-placement.

At the crux of “Come Grow with Us” is opportunity. The event features, COPA CAREER DAY, reaching under-served communities across the nation with opportunity.

We need your company and business to participate and bring forward all the opportunities and information you can provide. I have enclosed several levels from which you can select from so that you can benefit thoroughly from all that “Come Grow with Us” has to offer.

Please contact me George Elliott, Executive director at (510) 209-3670 so we can discuss your participation. 

Facts about Come Grow With Us

What: COME GROW WITH US is a one day event. It is also an opportunity to open the doors to new opportunities in business; career; home ownership; education; and, inspiration for adults so they can provide for their children. The event will attract hundreds of people to a safe event, filled with life enriching activities and outreach.

Why: This event will highlight the value of living safely in Bay Area communities. It will also open the doors of opportunity for interaction between corporations, businesses and community so that everyone has mutual benefit from enterprise and community growth.

Where: COME GROW WITH US will take place in an open area setting where people can mingle, enjoy the atmosphere and find new opportunities.

Who: COPA (Christian Outreach Planning Associates) an organization of men and women dedicated to use their Faith to motivate, educate and activate young people towards their personal greatness.

The 1000 Young People Unity March: This event will spark a Bay Area movement by young people who will deliver a message of unity, family, progress and hope as we reach over 1000 young students to open COME GROW WITH US. 

The Components of this Event

THIS EVENT has a special significance in Bay Area for several reasons. It will bring people together and create a new awareness against senseless violence that has plagued our communities and foster growth and opportunities for young leaders.

THIS EVENT will show the many positive aspects of the Bay Area and how, through harmony, young people can approach life with new vigor and a renewed hope. Working together to stop any and all things that may preclude a young person from getting an education; avoiding criminal activity; and, keeping the family unit intact.

    2017 Festival Highlights:  

  • National Recording Artists + Hot Local Bands
  • Blues & Gospel Showcases
  • Urban Dance Stage
  • Turf Dance Battle
  • Artisan Marketplace
  • Kinetic Arts Circus Stage
  • Beer + Wine + Food
  • Street Performers
  • Family Fun Zone




Church organizations can share their ministries with hundreds of people at the event. The “Fellowship Faire” will reach out to young people and families by sharing their ministries with the youth.


This is truly where the rubber meets the road as we will have many companies recruiting, and engaging in information dissemination activities. Here is where you will find companies looking to hire young people, schools enrolling students and career assistance programs preparing everyone for a more prosperous future.


In order for a family to thrive they must have a place to call home. This Event will have information on home ownership, credit repair, and buyer assistance programs. Lending institutions will continue to reach out to attract customers and this area will focus on educating people on all things pertaining to real estate. 

Partner With Us

On This Page You Will Find That COME GROW WITH US Represents Several Major Methods For A Company To Build A Brand; Develop Strategic Marketing Plans And Impact The Most Diverse Community Of Consumers In The Bay Area; That Of Course Is Our Young Consumers.

The Mission:

You can serve as one of the participating Sponsors of COME GROW WITH US. This event will present a multicultural opportunity and family extravaganza from 12:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. The unique purpose of COME GROW WITH US is to share opportunities financial wealth building, education and community development so that the people who are in attendance will create new opportunities for their families.

Your Company’s Presence:

You will have an opportunity to interface with a consumer group responsible for spending over $11 billion per year in the Bay Area. Your company will benefit mightily from having a high profiled position of involvement in “COME GROW WITH US.”

Here Is What YOUR COMPANY Will Receive:

An exhibit tent, COME GROW WITH US, expects to attract thousands of people. Your company will have one or two exhibit tents during this great EVENT.

Your company logo will be impressed on over 20,000 flyers, posters and invitations

Bonus! Our special “COME GROW WITH US” magazine will have two full pages of your company’s advertisement

All radio, television and print advertisement will feature your company’s name and image.

Costs: $25,000.00/ $20,000.00/ $10,000.00 (depending on your companies exposure opportunities; also see the Work Registration form for those who want to participate in the economy building aspect of COPA Career Day)