At inception and in the early stages, Mr. Elliott will be responsible for overseeing both the general management and daily operations of COPA’S business. Mr. Elliott will oversee the staff of professionals including,

  1. Teachers
  2. Counselors
  3. Trainers
  4. Recruiters

and others that will assist with the daily operation of the business. As COPA grows a manager may be brought in to oversee daily operations, but Mr. Elliott will remain in charge.

Mr. Elliott has a Ph.D. in theology and an associates’ degree in business and has experience managing in this capacity for the past 20 years. Mr. Elliott has worked at the center since he started the non-profit in 1991 until the present and has personally cared for many at-risk kids, using resources to provide job placement, counseling, recreational activities, youth camps and scholarships.

Anthony Mimms; has a Ph.D. Has his own practice in medicine. Dr. Mimms has been with the organization for two years, specializing in behavioral issues.

Alexis Elliott; has a degree in accounting and is the book-keeper for COPA; she is currently a manager for the department store, Kohl’s.

Marcia Nicks; does the administrative work, she also has a bachelor of science in nursing, worked as an RN for about 5 years.

Mary Woods; has earned a Doctor of Philosophy, working in leadership and organizational change at Walden University in Minnesota, MN. She has a Masters of Science From Oakland City University in Indiana, specializing in organizational management of which she also has a Bachelors of Science,

specializing in Business management 

Souleymane Ongoiba; is a Sr. Supply chain analyst in high techs .. Financial consultant for personal retirement, got his masters degree in industrial and system engineering from San Jose state university in 2004..  also a best seller of the book The winning way... Entrepreneur , top performance expert, financial consultant..  

Lavell Spence; has thirty-six years of combined experience in law enforcement, security, investigations, training and education. Lavell also holds a Bachelors Degree in criminal justice, a basic and intermediate post certifications, and is a licensed private investigator, and owner of Spence investigations. former CEO and President of Special Operations Inc. a private security, investigations and east bay training academy, in Richmond, CA. From 1987 to 2001. In 1997 was name small business of the year, by the City of Richmond's Chambers of Commerce. Also developed and licensed a 12 step residential treatment facility and program, and serving as the director.

All have been with the organization two years or longer.


Outside Support; Team COPA’S Business management recognizes that business success is at least partially dependent upon the advice and counsel of outside subject matter experts. Therefore, a team of experienced advisors including accountants, attorneys and insurance professionals will be assembled.