Electricity *

Please provide me with Electricity - $100 for the first 15 amp/110 Volt circuit (Additional fees negotiated if you need more power) NO Generators I own a QUIET generator and I would like permission to bring it I do not need electricity in my booth

Access to Electricity is very limited. Generally we do not allow participants to bring generators because they can cause conflicts with others regarding noise and air pollution. If you NEED electricity to operate your booth, please indicate that now so that we can assign you a booth space that is within 100' of one of our electrical sources. We may not be able to accommodate late requests for electricity.

If you own a QUIET generator that you regularly use at Special Events, we will consider allowing you to use it at this event


Booth Spaces are typically 10' x 10' and do not include any equipment. Canopies, tables, and chairs are available for rent from us through our local equipment rental provider. Details on renting equipment from us are provided later in the application form.

Artisan $300
The Artisan rate is for active Artists/Craftspeople who are selling their own personal artistic creations. This discounted category is for you if you create and produce the art and you will personally be present at the event to sell your art. If you are selling any products that are created and/or produced by others, you must apply for a Commercial Booth Space.

Commercial $400
The Commercial rate is for local small businesses that have a product or service that will be of interest to our attendees. If you represent a medium or large business (often defined by having more than one shop/business location), then you likely fall into the Sponsor category.

Non-Profit $300
The Non-Profit Category is for small local non-profit organizations providing a public benefit, local government representatives/offices, and local political campaign organizations. If you are not sure if your organization qualifies, please contact us to inquire.

Food $1250
There is limited space for food vendors and our goal is to achieve a broad diversity of food choices for the public. JYF staff will determine which booth applications are accepted based on fulfilling this goal. Only experienced food vendors are encouraged to apply.

This form is used for confirmed sponsors to request a booth space and equipment. If you are not already a confirmed sponsor and would like to learn about the sponsorship opportunities at JYF, please
CLICK HERE for our Sponsor Interest Form.


Please select the Pay Now button for booth rentals payments are due by April 30th.

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